Second Nature

Branding, brand strategy, logo design, and packaging design for MedMen's private label brand Second Nature, a holistic solution to wellness and feeling good. A line full of herbal-infused balms, tinctures, and capsules featuring four different effects to fit into your daily self-care routine.

Sustainability was a natural theme when it came to brand strategy for this line. In today's climate, brands can't keep up with consumer demand if they're not fully transparent about the eco-conscious efforts going into the brand's packaging and manufacturing. So we partnered with a vendor that could create our vision for this brand with 100% biodegradable materials, as outlined in this tincture bottle.

Brand Expression

This product will make you feel good, fits into your daily routine, has beautiful texture and consistency (and bathroom counter presence ;) We wanted to highlight these elements and keep them a consistent theme in our product and lifestyle photography for the brand.

Team: Morgan Thomas, VP of Creative. Vicky Arcos, VP of Product Marketing. Rachel Marlowe, Senior Copywriter. Nicole Klein, Product Marketing Manager

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