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Clare V x TOMS Collection

Catalog, wild postings + retail design for our spring 2018 partnership with Clare V, an LA-based, Paris-influenced boutique shop - including window displays, signage, POP displays and visual merchandising guides for our global TOMS retail stores and wholesale accounts.

This partnership and specific shoe collection supports Made by DWC,  a Los Angeles-based enterprise that is dedicated to helping formerly homeless women learn and develop skills through creative job opportunities.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.04.53 PM.png

Hand-made pop-up card created for influencer gifting.


(closed left, opened right)


Team: John Whitledge, Creative Director. Sarah Gless, Art Director. Megan Youngblood, Senior Copywriter. Ellen Makowsky, Retail Marketing Manager. Amanda Marsalis, Photographer.

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